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What Do We Do?

Delivery Techs serves as your dedicated Online General Manager


Not currently taking advantage of third-party delivery? Not happy with your current commission rates? Let Delivery Techs fight for your hard-earned dollars, while also setting your restaurant up for success from the go! On-boarding should never be a pain, let the experts take care of it for you!
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Delivery Techs Insights

Wake up knowing the key metrics of your delivery business with our proprietary technology. Delivery Techs Insights pulls all of your third-party delivery data and compiles into one 15-page high level report. This report package will be able to be reviewed with your dedicated account manager at any time! Focus on the kitchen all week, let Delivery Techs monitor your business for you
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Customer Response

Don't let one off day in your kitchen lead to a lost consumer forever. Establishing a line of communication with all customers is imperative to a successful delivery operation. Delivery Techs ensures your customers know you care and are listening!
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Website Buildout

Our web design and development is focused on not just a good looking site but the user experience in order to make your menu easily findable or do an online order with a few taps of the fingers. Our restaurant expertise allows us to create a website your clients will have a pleasure using which equals more customers coming back!
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We build out and monitor your third-party marketing campaigns via third-party delivery platforms and your custom app ensuring your money is well spent! Acquire new consumers, while keeping loyal customers for the long haul.
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Menu Updates

Why wait 3-7 business days for modifiers, prices, new menu items and pictures to be updated? We understand the fast-paced and demanding world of being a restaurant owner. Our promise to you, Delivery Techs handles all menu updates for our client's same day!
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Custom App

Take back control of your delivery business with our custom app capabilities (web ordering, IOS and android). Your logo, your menu, your specials. Own your customer data, while only paying 5% transaction fee on the delivery.
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Self-Ordering Kiosk

Save on labor while also creating a more personalized experience for your customer. Staff up in the kitchen, not at the front register.
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Take control over your entire online restaurant business

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The Team

Delivery Techs started in 2021 with the realization that most restaurateurs simply do not have the time or expertise to manage and optimize their restaurants presence online. Too many times Delivery Techs have come across restaurateurs who had a great business, but their online presence was lacking. Delivery Techs has one simple mission; use our knowledge and expertise to optimize and manage our clients’ entire restaurants online business. All of this leading to more sales, better operations and most importantly, more free time for our clients.


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Hossein Kasmai


Gage Anderle

Vice President

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