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What Do We Do?

Delivery Techs serves as your dedicated Online General Manager

Online Restaurant Manager

Avoid time-consuming support lines & speak to someone who has your back. DeliveryTechs assigns professional account managers to personally assist you in growing your online restaurant business.

Insight Reports

See what’s working and what’s not. Gain access to your online restaurants key metrics quickly & easily from any device. Our easy to use report platform identifies issues automatically so you can stay on top of your restaurant.

Store Optimization

Attract & convert customers with professionally optimised storefronts. Our team gives your restaurant a professional appearance and uses various methods to make your restaurant easier to find online. A specially designed ordering experience is shown to decrease confusion in the kitchen, increase order volumes and increase conversion.

Same-Day Edits

For when things get out of hand. When you need to temporarily close your store, remove sold out items, or simply make menu changes to your store, we are one phone call away. Manage your consumer expectations quickly, reduce complaints, and reduce confusion in your restaurant with a quick and constantly up to date online store.

Marketing Management

Reach more potential customers and give them an offer they can’t refuse. Our account managers will suggest and manage the perfect campaign to attract and keep new customers coming to your store at the lowest cost possible. 

Blacklist Problematic Drivers

Give your customers the best experience possible. Sometimes life (or delivery platforms) gives us lemons. So make lemonade and block problematic drivers that cause problems in your store and for your online customers.  Our Online Restaurant Managers stay on top of issues so you can be alerted when problems arise.

Customer Review Responses

Stay in touch with your customers and make sure they’re heard. All of your restaurant reviews will be regularly answered with a kind and friendly message so your customers are heard and appreciated.

Yelp Expert Services

Take advantage of the largest online source of organic growth for restaurants. Our experts transform your restaurant's yelp page into an effective marketing funnel to grow your business. Give your restaurant a professional appearance with custom images, links, and other features. Market locally to your customer base.

Take control over your entire online restaurant business

The Team

Delivery Techs started in 2021 with the realization that most restaurateurs simply do not have the time or expertise to manage and optimize their restaurants presence online. Too many times Delivery Techs have come across restaurateurs who had a great business, but their online presence was lacking. Delivery Techs has one simple mission; use our knowledge and expertise to optimize and manage our clients’ entire restaurants online business. All of this leading to more sales, better operations and most importantly, more free time for our clients.


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