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What Do We Do?

Reputation Management

Avoid time-consuming support lines & speak to someone who has your back. Delivery Techs assigns professional account managers to personally assist you in growing your  business on all platforms.

Insight and Ratings Weekly Reports

*Insight reports will give our clients an insight on their sales, number of orders and ticket size. 
*Ratings reports show the rating you have for your restaurant and progress. 

Dispute Refunds

We will dispute all your Incurrate Orders which were given a refund to the customers. Scenarios that may be eligible for refund include late delivery, missing deliveries and missing returns.

Marketing Management

*Marketing reports show any promotions currently running on the platforms, including earnings and money spent for marketing.

Menu Changes/Optimization

 Same-Day Edits
If any menu changes are needed on the spot, you will able to connect directly with a Delivert Techs Customer Success Manager that will take care of it for you without the owner or general manager having to stop anything they're currently working on. 
If you need to pause your platforms for any reason, we will get on the phones and spend that hold time for our clients to do so.

Live Assistance 

Our clients are connected with a real live Customer Success Manager with their direct contact information. This way our clients can speak to live personal and solve any issues or answer any questions they might have. 

Customer Review Responses

Stay in touch with your customers and make sure they’re heard. All of your restaurant reviews will be regularly answered with a kind and friendly message so your customers are heard and appreciated. This will also help restarant increase their ratings on the delivery platforms.

Yelp Expert Services

Take advantage of the largest online source of organic growth for restaurants. Our experts transform your restaurant's yelp page into an effective marketing funnel to grow your business. Give your restaurant a professional appearance with custom images, links, and other features. Market locally to your customer base.
All these and more services included for only $499 a month


Cuban Guys Restaurants

Since partnering with Delivery Techs
(performance on UberEats)
Cuban Guys

Jorge Llapur

The Founder of Cuban Guys Restaurants and Q-ban Tacos, with locations in Miami and Broward County. He started with Delivery Techs in Sep. 2021 with 5 restaurant locations. As a result of maximizing their profits, he added two more virtual restaurants. Clients have seen an increase of 70% and as high as 200% on their sales since partnering with us.

Sarah Morgan

Since partnering with delivery techs we have seen an increase in volume as well as incident resolution. We no longer have to spend time managing all the third party platforms because we have a dedicated rep, Fernando, who is one phone call away and always more than happy to assist in anything we need.
Not only do they deal with the all the credits we are due, and any incoming complaints, but they track our performance and provide weekly reports with notes on how we can improve. We are now able to provide even more legendary food and service with the third party services being managed for us by delivery techs. We are more than pleased with their services and can’t recommend their services enough!

Janet Stedman

Partnering with Delivery Tech is one of the best decision I made for my company. I finally have time to do other tasks I’ve been putting off. Delivery Tech is great with handling my third party platforms. Dealing with Uber is a nightmare for me. I am very happy I no longer have to deal with Uber directly. Just last week I had a very angry customer that was looking for a refund from DoorDash. I was on the phone with DoorDash for over 42 minutes, then I remembered that I had Delivery Tech. I was a bite concerned because it was Saturday evening I was not sure if I would get in touch with anyone. I was extremely pleased when Fernando answered his phone and assured me, he would take care of the issue. He said “Janet don’t worry that’s what I’m here for.” As promised Fernando did handle the issue. I was able to make a very angry customer happy again. Delivery Tech is a great company to work with, I have no complaints. Fernando is my rep and I could not ask for a better rep. I would gladly recommend him and his company to anyone who is considering having Delivery Tech manage their third-party platforms.

Take control over your entire online restaurant business

The Team

Delivery Techs started in 2021 with the realization that most restaurateurs simply do not have the time or expertise to manage and optimize their restaurants presence online. Too many times Delivery Techs have come across restaurateurs who had a great business, but their online presence was lacking. Delivery Techs has one simple mission; use our knowledge and expertise to optimize and manage our clients’ entire restaurants online business. All of this leading to more sales, better operations and most importantly, more free time for our clients.


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Hossein Kasmai


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